Accident Not Your Fault?

Inconvenienced, need a replacement vehicle, we can help!

NOT AT FAULT – You may be entitled to FREE car hire

Exercising Your Options and Rights

If you have had an accident and it’s not your fault contact us to ensure you receive what you are entitled to . We can give you peace of mind and your vehicle repaired to a quality standard.

As recovery of costs can be a little hair raising and time consuming, we can handle the claim for you. Collect your damaged vehicle, provide a suitable replacement vehicle and repair your damaged vehicle. We can liase with the other party or insurer to acheive a suitable outcome.

If you wish to take advantage of our not at fault option and authorise Otto’s Smash Repairs to act on your behalf, we are prepared to offer our service and where appropriate guarrantee that it will will be at no cost to you.

For a free, no obligation quote for your car repairs, call us today on (08) 9479 4866